Such trouble is non existent in certain places.
De Profundis
Just the facts
De Profundis is like a drug without the part where it makes you feel good
Tha's 'cuz you doin' your GTV wrong, my man. :D See, you gotta pack the bowl very lightly with just a lil' bit of GTV. Then you hafta inhale right after you light up. Sure, you get that "hot burn" but also the righteous rush you missin'. If you pack a lotta GTV in an' let it smolder, it's a cooler smoke.. But the filterin' an' the heat in the bowl kills all the good stuff. :-)
If the drug doesn't make you feel good, it is always the user, never the drug. Wrong inhaling, injecting too quick, sniffing two times, too much in one sniff, too little, sniffing too slow.. Problem is never the drug.
Smelling like the sheep? Everybody reeks of hand sanitizer now.