Dr Bobus
It's hard for me to see this bishop's name and the nonsense he usually produces without thinking of very American phrase Bishop Georg Bat(s__t) crazy.
I know…I know…. 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂
Tony M
The modernist, apostate, heretics desperately grasp at any concept which goes against the 2000 year Constant Magisterial Teaching of the Catholic Church.
They have become addicted to the sin of heresy.
Thus we have them pushing towards the contradiction of both "female priests' & simultaneously 'no priests'.
They have lost their minds....and if they don't repent....they will lose their souls.
Sodomites, one and all.
Tony, contradictory? Not at all by THEIR standards. What they mean is no priests in the traditional sense of the term; "alter Christus" who offers the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for the salvation of the world. But yes wymyn nu-priests to run the Vatican II church! "cis-gender" males need not apply 🤮
Nothing to do with this post - sorry. But am I the only one who cannot get onto rumble.com and even Rudy Giuliani's own website?
Do you have a rumble link? I'll post the video here.
Jan Joseph
Duitse bisschoppen en kardinalen moeten de Synode afschaffen, anders is er sprake van een schisma.
Dr Bobus
Hardly news that he's lying. The big news would be that he was telling the truth