I Choose You (Song)

Dear brothers and sisters, with every opportunity there is always a decision to be made. Sometimes even if we know the rules of the game, it's not easy to say no to ourselves and our most hidden desires.
Jesus leaves us free to make mistakes and to fall, and he always awaits us with open arms.
This song was inspired by Him, if any of your loved ones need it, please share.

가입을 원합니다
I choose Us.

American priest Raymond F. Sullivan (1927~2015), Maryknoll, translated this song in English.
인생은 미완성 Life is incomplete (3:50)
like deers = help each other
We are not " free " to fall! If we were free there would be no fall! He didn't say go and don't worry He said go and sin no more" I wish more people would read the scriptures and find out how he feels about snow flakes,He will "vomit you out of My mouth"
Where is the song does it say that? I think you are trying to find faults where there are none
Shaking my head😉