Homosex Hate Group Announces Strangling of Praying Men

A January 16 men's rosary rally in Limerick, Ireland, was severely disturbed by "Rosa Limerick," a pro-abortion and pro-gay hate group.

CatholicArena.com reports that the praying men were subjected to death threats like “strangle them with their rosary beads.”

Two supporters of "Rosa Limerick", Conor Sheehan (a pro-gay Labour activist) and Maurice Quinlivan (Sinn Fein), falsely claimed that the men were “politely asked to move” because they were "disrupting" a "vigil" held by the hate group.

In reality, the rosary rally was organised on January 11 prior to any other event in the same location. The hate group announced its counter-rally only on January 15. The rosary has been a regularly event in Limerick since 2018.

It started prior to the arrival of the haters who placed themselves beside the praying men rather than banding together further down the street.

Picture: CatholicArena.com, #newsRbkgfrzluq

The enemy is now showing through these deceived people his evil but he is stepped by our Lady when these coragious people stand up firm praying the rosary
These group praying men will strenthned by our Lady
Hairy legs is upset as they must be over the target!!!
Pieter Wycoff
Thank God for men who love Our Lady and Our Lord. Let Hell be damned!
De Profundis
"Everything seems to me to pass so quickly that we must concentrate on how to die rather than on how to live. How sweet it is to die if one has lived on the Cross with Christ." St. Teresa of Avila