Lizzy must be feeling dizzy with her smashing defeat. 😂
Ludovic Denim
You cannot give this title to your video, as it's an offense to God that Our Lady of La Salette warned us about in 1846 (a recognized apparition). I invite you to change it, please.
Brother Timothy Marie shares this
Jo Santoss
Liz is going back to VA where she belongs. Wyoming doesn't want her, only Democrats voted for her.
Laura Yunque
Politics is pure theatre.
God Is Everything
@Laura Yunque I agree. The Democrats get the power and they move us 15 steps closer to tyranny. The Republican's get it and they move us back 5 steps just to keep us happy.
Carlos Santos
@Maggie212 Nope, she lost by greater than 2 to 1, stick a fork in Liz, she's done.
Maybe she will try to contest the voting machines.....
Carlos Santos
We the people of the gorgeous state of Wyoming sent her packing! Buh-bye Liz.
In the last 24 hours, she compared herself to Lincoln and CNN called her a "staunch conservative" LOL