comfort ye
Great God help us. Just goes to show, without real self- denial, mortification, life-long union with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament (like Fulton Sheen's daily holy hour) no amount of theological training or knowledge can save our sorry skins. All his life's work - in the garbage can.
Whatever the truth is, I pray it comes out.
My legal observations on the case are found on a duplicate post.
Alex A
Over to you CM!
no band of hair on the back of his head??
Man in the video totally bald?? (to look bald?)
The body of the man in the video looks younger
But if its Father may God have mercy on him and the victim.
St Michael defend us in this hour of battle please
Father has skinny neck the man in video neck looks thicker?
You think she should be crying she seems a little robotic in her response?
2 more comments from john333
This generation if some one attacking you the phone camera comes out to record the attack (reflex?)
To me this a fake.
That man in the video is not Father George
Different jaw line
the man is stocky and Father is skinner