Dr Bobus

Climate change ideology


Whatever happened to the coming Ice Age that we were told about in the early 1980s? I seem to have missed it. Maybe it happened while I was in Europe


A few months ago I was driving through Minnesota and Wisconsin. Around 20,000 years ago the ice there was from one to two miles thick, reaching about 10,000 ft into the sky. What caused that ice to melt? There were no coal-fired plants. Nor were there automobiles with internal combustion engines.
Dr Bobus
It's not necessary to attribute all evil things to the devil. Plane, ordinary human stupidity can explain a lot.
Every subversion need an ignition. This one is the final that devil has invented. And now four riders of Apocalypse are riding. Only those who redirect faith from power of money (man as a god who create things with the power of money) to 100% faith in God's Creating Power of Love, will survive the end of this world.