Renovated Austrian Church Shows New "Theology Turned To Stone“

The 1693 baroque church of Saint Anthony in Heinfels, Tyrol/Austria, has been subjected to a bizarre transformation.

The pews were removed. They were replaced with a faithful copy of a picknick table put in the center of the nave which is surrounded by curved benches. The altar is left somewhere behind the "presiding priest".

The parish priest, Father Anno Schulte-Herbrüggen, explained to Kleine Zeitung (June 2) that this is “theology turned into stone”.

In reality, it is "secularism turned into wood" transforming a house of God into a place where people, bored by the New Liturgy, may distract themselves by gazing at each other.

GJA Taylor
Clericalism (with lots of spare euros to spend) gone mad.
Modernist trash
It looks more like pride then humility, but at least they have kneelers.
It looks a bit like a collision of alternate universes.