Normand Thomas

109. Staying in God

God offers us his creation. We are the fruit of his creation. He offers us life, joy, peace and above all the freedom to choose. But we often live as people who stay away from God.

This freedom to choose, we often seem not to know what to do with it. The proof is that with our freedom, we could feel free to choose something other than God. Or we just stay far enough, so as not to be afraid of God, which is a totally useless fear.

We are especially afraid of being afraid of God. We believe that God is the cause of our fear. However, he cannot scare us because Love is not scary. Fear is the sign of us leaving the Lord.

God’s Law is simple. Let’s remain suspended to his Love and we will be saved. We’re already in his Love. Jesus shares with us his law of Love. Let’s love Jesus. It’s an easy choice.

God’s Law is related to his Perfect, True, and Real Love. The word “law” may seem to mean something strict and caging. Yes, we can say that for a badly practised law that becomes dehumanizing, but never for the law of God.

God’s Law of Love is the real journey to our salvation. If it seems strict and stifling, we’re not grasping it. Such an interpretation prevents us from living peacefully in God.

Let’s ask Jesus for healing and purification, in order to advance in faith. May fear and suffocation stay away from us. Let’s get closer to Jesus.

The new American Bible, 2011-2014
Book: … for Love, Normand Thomas