John Paul II’s Minister of Culture in the Eye of the Storm

The French journalist René Poujol writes on his blog RenePoujol.fr (November 11) • Three French bishops have been wrongly/convicted for not reporting …
@Yoshimori. He was an ecumenist like his buddy Ratzinger. I think we all remember the Assisi "prayer" meetings. The Catholic Catechism strongly influenced by JPII is full of ambiguities No, none of these post-conciliar popes should be canonized as saints.
Kenjiro M. Yoshimori
I wonder if a few years down the line, if we are lucky enough to get a rather traditional Catholic Pope, if "saints" like John XXIII, JJohn Paul II, Paul VI. Oscar Romero, and Blessed John Paul I will be stricken from the listing of real Saints, in the same was the infamous Paul VI did to ancient and revered TRUE saints like Saints Philomena, Patrick, Christopher, etc. etc.
Kenjiro M. Yoshimori
JPII put on the facade of a great Pope. Some people call him John Paul II the Great. Sickening. The rot of his pontificate will take decades to clean out. He was a subtle Vatican II Pope...strong on some basic Catholic principles, but very lax on disiplines, etc. A good man...definitly. A saint? Heck no!
John A Cassani
There is no way that any priest, much less a Cardinal, should ever be “touchy-feely.” Nor should he ever be caught exposing himself to anyone, regardless of how innocent his intentions. Even if clergy today are unable to afford upper class luxuries, they should always comport themselves as being a separate class, because they have been set apart by God.