Live Mike
"She Shall Crush Thy Head" - How to Fight Alongside Our Lady - Fr. Nicholas Gruner, 2014
Public domain
RIP Fr. Gruner
Excellent presentation.
Our Lady of Fatima pray for us. Amen
We want more Fatima!!!
The New Knights Templar
Fr. Gruner was the best. RIP. Have a good Thanksgiving!
Live Mike
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours !
Alex A
"Father Gruner was the best. Best at what?"
"Father Gruner was the best. Best at what?" ---provoking stupid questions from stupid people.;-)
The New Knights Templar
@Ultraviolet You still kill me sometimes! 😂 Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!
The best of Thanksgiving to you @The New Knights Templar and also to you @Live Mike :) Hope you're both staying home on Black Friday.
The New Knights Templar
@Ultraviolet Thank you. I'd take a bullet to the throat before I'd go into a store on Black Friday.
Live Mike
@Ultraviolet Many thanks... same to you and yours!