Fred Alan Medforth

Migrant Rapist to Judge: ‘Her Legs Were Bare, Any Man Would Have Done Like Me’ (Video) – Allah's …

Instead of the Italian courts deporting the criminals or jailing them, the migrants, in many cases, are given slaps on the wrists or short sentences. …
Let's not forget the Iraqi "refugee" child-rapist in Austria who sodomized a ten year old boy, justifying it as a "sexual emergency". The Austrian Supreme court reduced his sentence to four years (with parole) saying, the rape was a "one-off incident" and "you cannot lose your sense of proportion here."
He must be punished with the utmost severity of the law. However, why do most young women dress with great immodesty, luring many men into sin? Young women, you are partly responsible for those sins of men and one day God will demand an accounting.
Forcible rape should be a capital crime punishable by death.