Closing the Era of John Paul II? Francis Tightens Grip On Lay Movements

More control and more centralism: Francis' Dicastery for the Laity issued a June 11 decree setting limits on the terms of the leaders of international Associations of the Faithful.

The terms of office in a central governing body are limited to five years. Nobody - including the founder - can be in office for more than ten consecutive years. LaNuovaBq.it considers the decree a “bombshell” as it “reorganises the influence of ecclesial movements” - although all of them are already in decline.

For LaNuovaBq.it, this is a "downsizing" of the lay associations and the closing of the season opened at the 1985 Loreto Ecclesial Convention by John Paul II, who focussed in vain on the movements in order to revive the Church. This attempt made him clash with Turin Cardinal Ballestrero and Milan Cardinal Martini.

There are presently 122 lay communities in the Church, among them Sant'Egidio, Comunione e Liberazione, and the Neocatechumenal Way. Most of them have thrown themselves on Francis' bandwagon, thus signing their death-warrant.

The pretext to take control of them is the ever popular reference to "sexual abuses." However, a rare example of this may be the Peruvian layman Luis Fernando Figari of the Sodalitium Christianae Vitae who is accused of homosexual assault.


Dr Bobus
Does Francis plan to limit the term of the Jesuit Superior General?