"Disgusting Vice": Francis Keeps Supporting Transsexual Prostitution

Francis supported again the about 30 male transvestite prostitutes” of Torvaianica, Rome, whom the Italian Francis media call coyly with the English term "sex workers."

Francis sent a Vatican ambulance to provide the prostitutes with free Covid-19 tests and free flu vaccinations.

This initiative was initiated by the local parish-priest, Father Andrea Conocchia who complained with the papal almoner, Cardinal Krajewski, that the prostitutes could "no longer work" and were living in fear because they didn't know whether the "few remaining customers" were healthy.

In August 2016, Francis wrote in a prologue of a book by Father Aldo Buonaiuto that prostitution is a "horrendous crime" and that "any form of prostitution is a reduction to slavery, a criminal act, a disgusting vice that confuses making love with venting out one's instincts."

In April 2020, Francis offered money to the Torvaianica prostitutes.

Picture: Franciscus, 2018, © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsSewlerwebj

Oh, look! Suddenly the Pope doesn't yank his hand away in disgust! Still... lest we forget...
comfort ye
Don't tell me they could not foresee how wrong this was.
The look on the face of Francis and the priest next to him says it all
Alex A
O the Jesuit within Francis yet again reveals his own personal vulnerabilities. He at times seems oblivious to the scandal generated by his actions or is it a case of not caring whether that is so or not?
comfort ye
I call that stifling ones conscience, and letting the chips fall where you know they will.