Return from Marseille: Francis Plays a [Corrupt] Politician

On his flight from Marseille where the street language is Arabic, to Rome, Francis answered only three questions (September 23).

He glorified illegal mass immigration, ignoring the problems, the violence and the rapes it causes in Europe. He called for the "integration" of the immigrants in a disintegrating Europe.

Francis stirred up emotions by inventing “lagers” where illegal migrants end up and spoke of a certain boy, Mahmoud, who “couldn’t stand the torture” of human trafficking and finally hanged himself. “They are slaves [of the European social welfare system]", Francis shouted.

He then condemned a French euthanasia law, saying that life is not to be played with and that grandparents were being exterminated because they are “old and no longer useful”.

Finally, he said that the war in Ukraine was also about the “arms trade”. Then he added that “I have seen that some countries are turning back, are not giving arms, and are starting a process in which the martyr will certainly be the Ukrainian people. And that is a bad thing!”

Francis avoided questions about the Rupnik case, in which he used the Roman diocese to delegitimise the findings of the Vatican's abuse commission against Rupnik. Pro-Francis La-Croix.com writes that “evidence suggests that Francis protected his former confrere.”

Picture: Vatican Media, #newsKkkivrrtyr

I'm confused so Francis is PRO arms trade? In the past he echoed Paul VI's plea "War - never again!" and like a lot of leftists is anti-gun, but he says refusal to arm Ukraine is bad. 🤔