Cardinal Calls Diocesan Newspaper "Outrageous"

“That’s too much! Somebody owes us an apology,” Hong Kong Cardinal Zen, 89, wrote on hkdavc.com (April 16) referring to Hong Kong's diocesan newspaper Sunday Examiner.

On March 28, the Examiner wrote: “Many of us still remember how depressed we all were during the last days of the Pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI. Both he and his predecessor Pope St. John Paul II had fettered the Church, clamping down harshly on freedom of expression and sabotaging several Vatican Council initiatives.”

As a matter of fact, this statement perfectly expresses the present state of the Church under Francis' tyrannical regime.

For Zen the Examiner's revisionist claim is “incredible” and “outrageous.” He asks, "Do they expect the Hong Kong readers to swallow such arrogant and insulting nonsense?” When he read this, he hoped that others would reply but “nothing happened.”

Thus, he concludes that “except for our Philippino sisters” nobody reads the Examiner anymore.

Picture: Joseph Zen, © Mazur, CC BY-NC-ND, #newsBlvlxanbes

I wish Cardinal Zen should live so long as to receive that apology. He'd see the Second Coming first.