It Was A Demotion

The removal of Monsignors Antoine Camilleri, 54, and Paolo Borgia, 53, from the Secretary of State was not a promotion.

Although they were named nuncios and will be ordained bishops on October 4, their new destination is not flattering.

Camilleri will end up in Ethiopia and Borgia in Ivory Coast. Monsignor Paolo Rudelli, 49, who was the Holy See’s Permanent Observer to Strasbourg's Council of Europe meets a similar fate. He’ll go to Burkina Faso.

In the Roman Curia, appointments to Africa are considered career decelerators.

Picture: Paolo Borgia, Antoine Camilleri, #newsWbjgaftjul

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Archbishop Bernardito Auza, appointed Holy See's Permanent Observer to the UN in 2014, has been named nuncio to Spain and Andorra (October 1). The 60 yr-old Filipino has been the Holy See's permanent observer at the United Nations since 2014.
If these positions are meant to be career decelerators, I would call that the work of a clericalist. My understanding is that those who call themselves Catholic have increased in number by great leaps. It is Mission territory, to be sure.
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