German Church: Good And Evil Have Been Lost in Relativism, Pragmatism

Of the 27 German diocesan bishops, a quarter are "conservative," another quarter "misbelievers," and the rest "cowardly."

This is what Cardinal Walter Brandmüller writes on kath.net (20 April) with reference to the voting results in the German Bishops' Conference.

The German Church in Germany has made itself "conformable to this world" (Rom 12,2), Brandmüller assesses. True and false, good and evil have been lost in relativism and pragmatism.

However, Brandmüller knows of a diocese in which about half of the priests are "faithful" and "zealous" - but doesn't dare to name it.

He also believes that shrines and other religious centres develop increasing attraction "lately," and finds the influx to the Traditional Latin Mass "remarkable."