Princess Gloria: Feminism Produces Emasculated, Frustrated and Useless Men

The German princess and billionaire Gloria von Thurn und Taxis, 60, warns of the anti-baby pill: "Why should it be in the interest of women to swallow a drug that simulates in their body a permanent pregnancy so that she can have intercourse at any time?"

Women are supposed to take a carcinogenic drug so that men do not have to wait, although waiting would increase eroticism, Gloria observed on (July 9). She knows why there is no pill to make men infertile: "Because such a drug would never sell!"

Gloria notes that it's not in women's interest to take over traditional male jobs: "Men have been suggesting this to us for decades, so that in the long run they can dump everything on us." And: "If you are made to believe something long enough, you eventually believe it. Advantage for us? Zero!"

"Why does a woman soldier have to crawl around in the dirt and carry heavy equipment and possibly shoot? Is it in our interest?"

For her, it is "much smarter to leave activities exclusively to the men, because otherwise we will eventually have to do everything while men are sitting in a corner sulking, emasculated, frustrated with identity problems and not even fit to reproduce".

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Huh, she's right. But this emasculation has been going on for awhile.
If she thinks that's bad, just wait until she sees what Xbox Live is doing to the next generation of them. :P
Our Lady of Sorrows
"Feminism has done the most damage"