North American College In Rome: Former Seminarians Speaks About "Homosexual Orgies" - Sues For $125 Million

Anthony Gorgia, a former New York seminarian brought a civil action against New York Archdiocese for allegedly being discriminated as a heterosexual seminarian and, therefore, being coerced into leaving the seminary.

Since there exists no right to become a priest, the action may be on shaky grounds. Gorgia was a seminarian at the Pontifical North American College in Rome led by the rector, Father Peter Harman, and vice rector, Father Adam Park.

The lawsuit accuses Harman of engaging in homosexual acts with other members of the clergy, including at least one US bishop.

Gorgia makes the claim that Harman was seen at a homosexual orgy in the presence of seminarians. Gorgia further witnessed “inappropriate physical behaviour” of the vice rector toward a seminarian. Several seminarians told Gorgia that Park was looking for physical contact with seminarians, preferably with athletic, handsome, young and naïve ones.

Seminarians objecting to the grooming behaviour were taunted until they left. The lawsuit claims that a "documented tactic of clergy who have secret homosexual lifestyles - some of the defendants in particular - is to pre-emptively retaliate against those who witness such behaviour in anticipation of these witnesses making adverse disclosures about them.”

The lawsuit further claims that Harman and Park tried to get rid of heterosexual seminarians to “protect themselves from exposure.”

Before being dismissed from the North American College, Gorgia requested five times to meet with New York Cardinal Dolan regarding the matter but was refused.

According to the lawsuit, Dolan received “multiple reports” about homosexual misconduct but they went both, uninvestigated and undenied.

A Roman prelate asked by to assess the matter said that he was unable to verify anything, however, "the possibility of Dolan blocking someone seems highly probable."

Anthony Gorgia, thank you for your courage and determination. May God bless you.
My God My God help us please!!!Save your clergy!!!