P. O'B
If we don't need Baptism, we don't need the Church. If we don't need the Church, we don't need Francis. Hey, that's one positive conclusion from this latest blather!
Louis IX
Does God give mercy without us repenting? I am confused.
Of course not. It will be false mercy. False church mercy.
🎉 Woo-Hoo! AKA, partyyyy! Just be yourself at any given moment. If we just Begin every sentence with “I feel like...” we should be on the same page as Francesco. What do you think Franco? Francesco replies, “Just go with it man!”
Pope Innocent lll
Jesus the holy Messiah, instructed the Apostles, " Go ye into the whole world, and preach the gospel to every creature. He that believeth and is baptized, shall be saved: but he that believeth not shall be condemned."
(Mark's Testimony, Sacred Scriptures)
Everybody goes to Heaven. Yeah! Even the devils will in the end, right? No need to live a Catholic life and follow Jesus. What a relief.
Child of Our Lady
“Salvation is free,"..."It is the freely given gesture of God's mercy toward us."

Mankind was redeemed & it was not free. It was paid in full by the Blood of Our Lord. I wonder what hurt Our Lord more. The torture/death surrounding His Passion or so many rejecting His sacrifice.
Pope Innocent lll
"Mankind was redeemed & it was not free. It was paid in full by the Blood of Our Lord."
Jump JET
Ugh. Can someone please send this man a Catechism?
Cuthbert Mayne
Why? Has he run out of loo roll?
Books are only useful if one reads them and heeds them, Jumpy. :) Our current pontiff would do neither as he's "guided by the holy spirit".