Reverend of Baptist Church Expresses Sympathy for Vandal

After a man of Middle Eastern appearance was caught on camera and subsequently arrested for trying to tear down a Christian cross from the roof of a Baptist church in east London, the Reverend of the church played down the incident, asserting the vandal was just mentally ill.

The incident happened on the roof of the Chadwell Heath Baptist Church in Romford.

The footage was viewed by over a million people on social media.

Greg Thomas, the minister of the church, responded to the incident on Facebook by asserting the vandal was merely suffering from a mental illness and made no mention of the incident being a possible religious hate crime.

“Yes, the cross was vandalised,” wrote the Reverend. “However, when I caught him it became apparent very quickly that he was not at all mentally well.”

The Reverend added that he was pleased the vandal didn’t fall off the roof and hurt himself and that he will now be assessed and “hopefully receive the help he requires.”

“It was frustrating to have the church vandalised but material things can be fixed with ease. Had he lost his life that would have been tragic,” said the Reverend.