Millennium event? December 21 Is the Day

A Jupiter-Saturn conjunction will occur on December 21, 2020. The two planets will approach each other to within 0.1 degrees, apparently merging into one bright star.

The Austrian physicist Werner Gruber, head of three Vienna observatories, called the phenomenon the "Star of Bethlehem" (, November 26, video below). The phenomenon last occurred in 1623, but was hardly visible because it appeared close to the Sun.

Johannes Kepler (+1630) calculated that such a Jupiter-Saturn constellation happened in the year 7 BC, and identified it with the star of Bethlehem.

However, John Chrysostom writes that this star wasn't a natural light. It went from Persia (east) to Palestine (south), shined also by daylight, adjusted to the locomotion of the magicians, and came down from heaven to the crib.