Father of 7-Year-Old with Myocarditis Records Pharmacist Admit Parents Are Not Warned of this COVID Vaccine Side Effect: “We might scare the parents, and they don’t get their child vaccinated”.
Registered Nurse Natasha McDannis inoculates Otto Linn-Walton, 8, with the first dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for children five to 12 years at NYC Health + Hospitals Harlem Hospital, Thursday, Nov. 4, 2021, in New York. (AP Photo/Jeenah Moon)

A recording of a phone call between an irate father and a pharmacist who injected his 7-year-old son with a COVID-19 vaccine after his wife brought him to the pharmacy behind his back, and is now allegedly in the hospital due to myocarditis, has been circulating in the alternative media today.

The father and his family apparently live in New Zealand, while his work originates in New York, and what is remarkable about the call is that the father asks the pharmacist if parents are warned about the risks to myocarditis and heart disease before giving the COVID-19 shots to children, and the pharmacist replies:

"We might scare the parents, and they don’t want to get their child vaccinated."

This is on our Bitchute channel, and is also on our Odysee channel and Telegram channel as well.

I found a couple of transcripts of the dialog, and this one (I found it on The Vigilant Fox) seems to be the most complete:

Father: Are you a pharmacist?

Pharmacist: Yes, how can I help?

Father: Yeah. Hey, I’ve got a question. My wife, against my wishes, brought my seven-year-old son a few days ago for a COVID jab, and he’s now in the hospital with myocarditis. And I was obviously not very happy with you guys or with my wife. She told me that she was not told that was a potential side effect. So why wouldn’t you have told her that?

Pharmacist: Okay — sorry. So it’s quite a rare side effect as well.

Father: No, it’s not. No, it’s not because I’ve been doing research; it’s common. In the US, there’s tens of thousands of them [myocarditis cases] reported to the CDC site. So why are you not telling parents this?

Pharmacist: We might scare the parents, and they don’t want to get their child vaccinated.

Father: So you don’t want to scare the parents with something that is actually happening, that’s happened to my kid? Are you out of your mind? Are you out of your mind? You don’t want to scare them? You need to give them the right information so they can make a proper decision! What is wrong with you? You don’t want to scare them. I’m recording this conversation as well, and this is going to a lawyer next. Thank you for admitting that. So why don’t you tell them? When someone comes in there and says, “Hey, what can go wrong?” What do you say? “Sore arm”? Have you seen the amount of dead people? Have you seen it?

Pharmacist: Has your wife asked before giving consent to give [the child the shot]?

Father: She asked what the side effects are!

Pharmacist: She asked? I’m not sure because I wasn’t there.

Father: It doesn’t matter! You’re supposed to tell people this can happen. So you know what the prognosis is? You know what it is? Possible death within five years. 20% of people with myocarditis die! It is a permanent, damaged heart. It is not temporary! He’s facing a heart transplant because of you! Because you didn’t want to scare her! You know no kids have died from COVID, not a single healthy kid, and you’re giving this stuff out, and you’re not warning people? What is wrong with you?

Pharmacist: So there are information online that you can look up —

Father: No! No! You gave the shot. When someone comes in there and asks what the side effects are, you don’t NOT say because it might scare them from the shot. What is wrong with you?

Pharmacist: So the benefit of getting a vaccination is — solely giving a vaccination because the benefits outweigh the risks.

Father: No, it isn’t! Do you know I’m looking at a Johns Hopkins study? There have been 400 people under 18 die in the United States. 330 million people. Not one of them was healthy. They had cancer, leukemia, obesity, something wrong with them. Not one kid has died or ended up in the hospital. So the benefits are ZERO to my kid! Why did you not tell them? It’s up to you to tell them. Then we make a decision. Not you! You tell us, “Okay, it’s rare, but it happens. You didn’t tell her that, did you?

Pharmacist: I’m not sure. I wasn’t the vaccinator —

Father: You said you’re not doing it. So when the next kid walks in there with a mother for a shot, are you going to tell them, “Hey, I just got a call from someone; their kid’s heart is destroyed. Keep that in mind; that can happen.” Are you going to tell them that? Are you?

Pharmacist: I cannot answer you that.

Father: Well, why can’t you because it’s going to go in a court, and you’ll answer it. You just admitted that you don’t tell people because you don’t want to scare them. It’s recorded; I’ve recorded everything.

Pharmacist: Sorry, I wasn’t the pharmacist that did the vaccination.

Father: It doesn’t matter; you just said it! You just said that you don’t tell people.

Pharmacist: I don’t know what the situation is, so I don’t know what she told in the vaccination error. I’m not sure. I cannot speak on behalf of the pharmacist that vaccinated.

Father: You just told me you don’t tell people because you might scare them. I have it on a recording. You want me to play it back? Every call — because I’m in finance — every call is recorded. Every email I sent is recorded. Every message I sent must be recorded because I work out of New York, and I live in New Zealand. It’s all recorded because the SFC requires it. You are recorded. So you’re telling people — you’re not telling them they could get damaged, so in case you scare them from taking a shot that can kill them, right? Is that correct? Are you brain dead? What is wrong with you?

Pharmacist: Sorry, I don’t think we should con — continue this conversation.

Father: No, we should because are you going to tell people this is a risk when they come through there? My kid’s screwed! You screwed him. What about everyone else? What are you going to do? You ruined a life! It’s on you for the rest of your life. This kid is screwed because of you because your policy there is to not tell people that these vaccines are dangerous and deadly. Have you seen all the people dying in their sleep? Hundreds of them? Have you seen yesterday? An NFL first-round draft pick, 24 [years old] died? An NBA first-round draft pick died four days ago, dead after the shot. Are you seeing that? Are you sitting there in your bubble collecting your 50 bucks every shot you give, you murderer? So what are you going to do? Are you going to tell parents? Are you going to say, “Look, this is what can happen; it’s not a sore shoulder”? That’s usual, but they can ruin their lives. How do you feel about that you’re ruining lives? Are you going to tell them or not? Are you going to continue to do this?

Pharmacist: Um — that’s not the decision that I make.

Father: It isn’t? So you’re just going to tell people, “Oh, nothing can go wrong,” and more kids are going to end up in the hospital with ruined hearts, right? That’s the plan? Because you can’t make that decision. And you’d hate for them not to take the shot, eh? Because then you don’t get your 50 bucks, do you?

Pharmacist: So we always ask consent for the parent before we do the vaccinations.

Father: Yeah, but you don’t tell them what can go wrong! Of course, you asked consent. The parent came there with that kid. It’s obvious consent. Why are you not telling them what can go wrong? I’m sure they’re asking. But you’re like, “Oh, no. Nothing goes wrong. Just a sore shoulder.” Right? You don’t tell them that the crazy guy called you and said his kid’s life is ruined because of what you did a few days ago. Do you or will you? You are sick! You are sick! You are twisted. You are evil. You’re a monster. You’re wrecking lives. You’re killing babies. You’re killing children. You’re killing mothers. You’re disgusting. Totally disgusting. Do you not see that? You need to at least tell them “This can go wrong,” because when you don’t, this happens! Don’t you see that?

The next part is very expletive. I do not agree with the name-calling here, but I do understand the frustration from the parent.

Are you so f*cking stupid? You f*cking murdering bitch! F*ck! And you’re going to continue to do it! “Oh, I don’t make that.” You f*cking moron. You are f*cking sick in the brain. You are f*cking mentally retarded.

by Brian Shilhavy, Editor, Health Impact News

Father of 7-Year-Old with Myocarditis Records Pharmacist Admit Parents Are Not Warned of this COVID Vaccine Side Effect: “We might scare the parents, and they don’t get their child vaccinated”

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Carta Abierta a la Sociedad Argentina de Pediatría sobre la vacunación en los niños. - 150. NOS ESTAN MATANDO 43 - LAS "VACUNAS" COVID NO SON SEGURAS NI EFICACES:… - 151. Brandy Parker is a young mother who suffers severe lower limb paralysi… - 152. NOS ESTAN MATANDO 44 - Joven sana queda postrada y con un severo deter… - 153. Covid Vaccines are Crimes Agains Humanity - STOP THIS CRIMINALS VACCIN… - 154. COVID VACCINES INJURIES - STOP THIS CRIMINALS VACCINES ! - ABOUT THE D… - 155. Dr. Ryan Cole: "Es hora de detener esto, que no es ciencia, sino tiran… - 156. COVID VACCINES INJURIES - STOP THIS CRIMINALS VACCINES ! - ABOUT THE D… - 157. A healthy 41 year old man who leaves behind a wife and children, is va… - 158. NOS ESTAN MATANDO 45 - Joven médico de 30 años, sano y deportista, luc… - 159. Maddie de Garay, 13 years old, wanted to be a nurse and help people, s… - 160. Girl seriously affected after receiving the covid vaccine - STOP THIS … - 161. NOS ESTAN MATANDO 46 - Fallece padre de familia en México luego de rec… - 162. Best wishes from Astrazeneca - STOP THIS CRIMINALS VACCINES ! - ABOUT … - 163. NOS ESTAN MATANDO 47 - Mujer brasileña se vacuna y le tienen que amput… - 164. Girl was vaccinated and now has half of her face paralyzed - STOP THIS… - 165. Enfermera canadiense renuncia a su trabajo y denuncia los crímenes a l… - 166. NOS ESTAN MATANDO 48 - LAS "VACUNAS" COVID NO SON SEGURAS NI EFICACES:… - 167. La malicia de Big Pharma es infinita. - 168. NOS ESTAN MATANDO 49 - Niño muere tras recibir el veneno transgénico -… - 169. 19 years old girl dies five days after her covid vaccine shot - STOP T… - 170. NOS ESTAN MATANDO 50 - Abuela de 86 años, en perfecto estado de salud,… - 171. 32-Year-Old American Soldier Has Pfizer-Induced Testicular Cancer - ST… - 172. World Class Athletes Suffer Vaccine Injuries. - 173. Athletes die or suffer heart attacks after being vaccinated - STOP THI… - 174. NOS ESTAN MATANDO 51 - Muchacha holandesa convulsiona luego de recibir… - 175. Pregnant woman gets vaccinated and loses her baby a few days later - S… - 176. NOS ESTAN MATANDO 52 - Joven colombiano sufre graves secuelas neurolog… - 177. GENOCIDIO EN CURSO - En USA, en 1977, se suspendió la campaña de vacun… - 178. "The brain of a news presenter destroyed by the criminal covid vaccine… - 179. NOS ESTAN MATANDO 53. - 180. ¿ASI O MAS CLARO? - La vacuna mata, a ver si tomamos conciencia de que… - 181. NOS ESTAN MATANDO 54 - Una pobre mujer con todo el cuerpo inflamado tr… - 182. NOS ESTAN MATANDO 55 - Famosos afectados por el veneno transgénico - L… - 183. Las inyecciones covid causan graves problemas cardíacos. - NOS ESTAN MATANDO 56: Muere en plena Misa sacerdote mexicano recientem… - 184. Doctor suffers serious adverse effects from the vaccine but no one res… - 185. NOS ESTAN MATANDO 57: MUJER PADECE SEVEROS TRASTORNOS NEUROLOGICOS TRA… - 186. "BBC journalist Lisa Shaw died because of the covid vaccine" - ABOUT T… - 187. Australian tennis legend Pat Cash explains that the inoculation nearly… - 188. THEY ARE KILLING US: A young woman suffering non stop seizures after - 189. NOS ESTAN MATANDO 58 - LAS "VACUNAS" COVID NO SON SEGURAS NI EFICACES:… - 190. Another victim of the criminal covid vaccines - ABOUT THE DANGER OF TH… - 191. Impresionante testimonio del Dr. Leonardo González Bayona sobre la imp… - 192. "NOS ESTAN MATANDO 60" - 192. LAS VACUNAS COVID SON UNA EMPRESA CRIMINAL. - 193. "Pfizer's confidential report reveals dire side effects in its covid v… - 194. "The vaccination imposture is absolute and undeniable: the case of Sco… - 196. "Le Dr. Andreas Noack, chimiste autrichien renommé, est mort quelques … - 197. Dr. Pablo Campra: INFORME TECNICO FINAL DE DETECCION DE GRAFENO EN VAC… - 198. NOS ESTAN MATANDO 59 - ¿Abrirá los ojos algún día la gente sobre el at… - 199. LAS VACUNAS COVID SON UNA EMPRESA CRIMINAL. - 200. Estudios sobre los efectos adversos de las vacunas covid. - 201. Viral Twitter post claims 13yo died of ‘cardiac event’ as doctors cons… - 202. NOS ESTAN MATANDO 61: Madre relata lo sucedido a su hija, fallecida lu… - 203. "Dr. Byram Bridle: Safety Study Failures for Mass Vaccination of Child… - 204. THEY ARE KILLING US - This young lady is Faith. She's 16 years old. Sh… - 205. "NOS ESTAN MATANDO 62" - Stephanie Gard fue trasladada de urgencia al … - 206. NOS ESTAN MATANDO 63: Graves secuelas neurológicas en un muchacho inye… - 207. "NOS ESTAN MATANDO 64: Recién vacunado colapsa" - LAS "VACUNAS COVID" … - 208. NOS ESTAN MATANDO 65: Jovencita queda con graves secuelas neurológicas… - 209. 45-year-old woman experiences convulsions, partial paralysis days after Pfizer shot. - 210. "La Dra. Acevedo explica la miocarditis resultante de las 'vacunas' co… - 211. "A recently vaccinated 5-year-old boy has a heart attack and facial pa… - 212. "NOS ESTAN MATANDO 66: Fallece sacerdote argentino de trombosis pulmon… - 213. "NO HAY QUE TEMER LAS HAKUNAS" - LAS BAKUNAZ K0BIT NO SON SEGURAS NI E… - 214. "Efectos secundarios de las hakunas: testimonio de una enfermera españ… - 215. HAKUNAS KOBIT MATAN A NIÑOS. - 216. Doctora advierte del riesgo que representan las "hakunas kobit" - Rela… - 217. "NOS ESTAN MATANDO 67" - 218. "THEY ARE KILLING US: Young girl with brain tumor after corona vaccina… - 219. Images of permanent sequelae produced by the transgenic poison. Human … - 220. "I ended up in the ER Wednesday night after taking the second injectio… - 221. Tiranía sanitaria en Argentina: el caso de la provincia de Tucumán - R… 222. "NOS ESTAN MATANDO 68: Militar español fallece de una trombosis tras r… - 223. THE COVID VACCINE DESTROYED MY CAREER AS A PROFESSIONAL CYCLIST AND MY… - 224. The "pandemic" is not about any virus but only about totalitarian cont… - 225. La ANMAT autorizó que las vacunas de Pfizer puedan ser aplicadas hasta 90 días después de la fecha de vencimiento - 226. "COVID VACCINES: A PATH TO DESTRUCTION" - We are facing the greatest c… - 227. Médico explica la pericarditis y la miocarditis, dos de los tantos efe… - 228. "PACIENTES INCENDIADOS" - Sunami de cáncer relacionado con el veneno t… - 229. 53.000 muertos por el veneno transgénico en Europa y USA. - 230. THEY ARE KILLING US - Basketball player did not want to get vaccinated… - 231. "NOS ESTAN MATANDO 70": HAKUNA KOB1T ARRUINA LA VIDA DE NIÑA CHILENA D… - 232. "NOS ESTAN MATANDO 71" - Este tipo de información jamás es dada por la… - 233. "THEY ARE KILLING US": Vaccinated athletes around the world suddenly c… - 234. Otra persona a la "que le tocaba". A pesar de la censura, cada día se … - 235. Otro pobre ingenuo al que le vendieron el cuento y lo compró completo.… - 236. "Se filtra video de la OMS sobre la inseguridad de las vacunas" - 03/1… - 237. "NOS ESTAN MATANDO 73: Jóvenes ciclistas con miocarditis tras la vacun… - 238. "El criminal gobierno argentino, vendido a los laboratorios, promueve … - 239. Tucker Carlson, de Fox News, habla sobre la locura que es vacunar a lo… - 240. "Miocarditis en niños vacunados: la miocarditis nunca es una afección … - 241. VAERS USA: Adverse Reactions up to 17 december 2021 - Voice of Dr. Pet… - 242. Tres millones de efectos adversos provocados por las vacunas covid al … - 243. "NOS ESTAN MATANDO 72": Deportistas vacunados colapsan, deben interrum… - 244. "Vacunación infantil: denuncias penales contra el personal sanitario q… - 245. MÁS DENUNCIAS PENALES CONTRA SANITARIOS QUE INYECTAN LA VACUNA COVID D… - 246. "THEY ARE KILLING US" - Max Harrison, with pericarditis after second v… - 247. La realidad virtual es utilizada para engañar a los niños y poder inye… - 248. Piloto vacunado alerta sobre el riesgo de accidente aéreo - I. NO HAY … - 249. "NOS ESTAN MATANDO 74: El presentador de televisión brasileño Rafael S… - 250. "NOS ESTÁN MATANDO: ¿Cuándo lo vamos a entender?" - Subtitulado en castellano. - WITH SPAN… - 251. "NOS ESTAN MATANDO 75: La sangre de muchas personas vacunadas se espes… - 252. "Funeral director explains why there are so many hearts attacks" - WIT… - 253. "NOS ESTAN MATANDO 76: Terribles efectos epidérmicos del pinchazo tran… - 254. "El Dr. Freddy Portillo, médico hondureño, advierte sobre el peligro q… - 255. A vaccinated nurse explains what happened to her when, complying with … - 255. "Athletes who died after inoculation" - More than 400 athletes, mostly… - 256. Es muy raro lo que está ocurriendo con los deportistas: ¿por qué será?… - 257. Le Dr. Perronne s'exprime au sujet de la plandémie au Parlement du Lux… - 258. "Active pilots who died in the USA - 2019: 1 - 2020: 6 - 2022 (January… - 259. GENOCIDIO PLANDEMICO - Dr. Luis Marcelo Martínez - El protocolo que se… - 260. Dra. Viviana Lens, médica geriatra de Tierra del Fuego, denuncia los g… - 261. "NOS ESTAN MATANDO 77: Hombre fallece en Italia en el centro de vacuna… - 262. "Efectos electromagnéticos en bakunaz kobit" - ESTO ES UN CRIMEN CONTR… - 263. GENOCIDIO PLANDEMICO. - 264. "NOS ESTAN MATANDO 78: Enfermera vacunada padece convulsiones por siet… - 265. HAKUNAS KOBIT ASESINAS. - 266. KILLER VACCINES: 62,000 DEATHS AND 10 MILLION ADVERSE EFFECTS IN ONE Y… - 267. "NOS ESTAN MATANDO 79: fallece niño en Brasil poco después de recibir … - 268. "THEY ARE KILLING US: Several blood clots after covid vaccination, tha - 269. "NOS ESTAN MATANDO 80" - Le amputan una pierna luego de ser inyectado con el veneno transgénico - … - 270. "SON CRIMINALES" - Niño argentino de 7 años doblemente vacunado está entre la vida y la muerte … - 271. 20 year old Claire Bridges is fully vaxxed. She was diagnosed with myocarditis and is losing her … - 272. "NOS ESTÁN MATANDO 81: niña brasileña fallece luego de recibir el veneno transgénico" - Relacionado… - 273. Funeral director says the deaths are the effects of the covid injections - WITH SPANISH SUBTITLES -… - 274. ÓXIDO DE GRAFENO EN LAS VACUNAS - Ricardo Delgado - La Quinta Columna - Relacionado: 1. El Dr. … - 275. Flagrant collusion of the E. U. with Pfizer - 276. El Dr. Russell Blaylock habla sobre el incremento de niños con efectos adversos debido a las inyecc… - 277. A DESIGNED HUMAN TRAGEDY - With Spanish Subtitles - Dr. Russell Blaylock - The COVID-19 pandemic … - 278. PFIZER CRIMINAL - 279. PLANDEMIC MASS MURDER - "Funeral director John O’Looney witnessed mass murder by British governm… - 280. ASESINARON A LOS ANCIANOS PARA CREAR PÁNICO Y QUE LA GENTE CREYERA EN LA PANDEMIA Y EN … - 281. BLOOD CLOTS IN VACCINATED - With Spanish Subtitles - Related: 1. COVID-19 Vaccines: Scientific … - 282. VACUNACIÓN COVID PARA NIÑOS PROHIBIDA EN URUGUAY - 283. "NO CONFLICT OF INTEREST" - Well, I suppose that this is totally normal and that there is no confli… - 284. "VACUNA PFIZER Y DESPOBLACIÓN MUNDIAL" - 285. SOME ADVERSE EFFECTS OF THE COVID JAB - 286. PFIZER OCULTÓ EFECTOS ADVERSOS EN ARGENTINA - El Dr. Claudio Zin (Claudio Zin - Wikipedia, la … - 287. PLANDEMIC GENOCIDE - 288. "Global Covid Summit Physicians Declaration" - 289. CORONA FARCE CRIMINELLE (SUBTITULADO EN ESPAÑOL) - Il n'y a pas d'infection, mais de l'empoisonne… - 290. “The Covid Lies” - Dr. Mike Yeadon - April 10, 2022 - In this comprehensive review, Dr. Yeadon … - 291. Documental EL PLAN: La OMS ha planeado 10 años de "pandemias" - Top experts are warning humanity … - 292. BAKUNA KOBIT ARRUINA LA VIDA DE UN MÉDICO - 293. "Graves irregularidades en los ensayos de Pfizer en Argentina" - 294. "PFIZER OCULTA EFECTOS ADVERSOS" - 295. AFECTADOS POR LAS VACUNAS COVID - Programa especial completo en 7NN - Aquí tenéis la retransmisió… - 296. "PANDEMIC: A MANUFACTURED CRISIS" - DR. ANDREW KAUFMAN - I have decided to publish this intervie… - 297. Young man died of joy and vaccines are of course not the cause - 298. Newborn Baby’s Arm AMPUTATED After Mom Took Covid “Vaccines” and Baby Suffered Blood Clots in the Womb - 299. 5-Year-Old Dies of Cardiac Arrest Caused by Myocarditis - 300. Video: Quinceañera muere en Coahuila al bailar vals con su papá - 301. - 302. Covid vax-related injuries happening among pilots - 303. THE HARM CAUSED BY FAKE COVID VACCINES - 304. POISONOUS COVID VACCINES CONTINUE THEIR DEVASTATING WORK - With Spanish Subtitles - For … - 305. CRIMINAL COVID VACCINES AND WORLD DEPOPULATION - With Spanish Subtitles - For more information…