Coronavirus-Regime: Singing At Mass Becomes Expensive Crime

Alberta Province, Canada, which is governed by what is called the United Conservative Party, banned singing during live-streamed Masses.

March 24 governmental restrictions ban any gatherings with more than 15 people, explicitly mentioning weddings, funerals and religious services.

Those gatherings must not include “singing, even at religious gatherings” as this could transmit the coronavirus.

Fines for a first offence are gigantic: from $1,000 to $100,000.

Picture: © Mazur, CC BY-SA, #newsBbrfgnjwty

Individuals start to exploit the situation to drive personal agendas.
REALLY obvious now this is about much more than a virus.... This is the Communist suppression & closure of the RC Church as prophecised by the Saints. That event takes places just prior to Christ's return during the End Times
Our Lady of Sorrows
Must see "Fear is being used to control you" Dr. Buttar
Buddhism seeks after God with the largest conception it can find, the all-producing and all-absorbing Om; Christianity seeks for God with the most elementary passion it can find; the craving for a father...It turns the whole cry of a lost universe into the cry of a lost child.
the better approach is to forbid breathing. In that way, it is impossible to breath in anyone's coronavirus (assuming (1) they have it and (2) that it would cause you to have any symptoms)