On the craziness all around

This was recently posted on social media by a long-time friend:

Ok, this will be my ONLY comment on the insanity I see going on all around me. I actually do not really care anybody's opinion about our sad world. Humans have felt the need since Adam and Eve to assign great value to their own opinions. Every human being is created by one God. That God designed humans and He alone has the operating instructions for how we are to function best. As humans we have ALL (yes, that does mean you and me) have decided how we want to live, think, relate, choose etc. When WE decide apart from God, we will most likely be wrong. It is all part of our human nature. It is also part of that nature to be easily offended, to think I am right, to hate , to put my wants before others etc. It is ALL ONE PROBLEM and that problem is called ORIGINAL SIN. It is actually not at all complicated. The solution to that original problem is also simple and yet incomprehensible. In the life and death of Jesus Christ we have forgiveness for our departure from His plan and we can enter in to wholeness and peace IF we embrace this message. After that it is a matter of Daily lining our realities up to God's plan. There is only One God btw and you are not Him. In Him and in Him alone is it possible for mankind to truly love and be at peace. I believe there is a bible verse that speaks to that...All men have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Yes, there is great injustice everywhere BUT my solution and yours are not the answer no matter who you are. The best thing we all can do is simply to follow our master and Lord. He NEVER advocates for hatred and He suggests that even calling a person a fool will result in judgement. He ALWAYS wants Love to guide our actions and mouths. Sometimes we experience many emotions, including anger. Emotions are always there for one reason. That is to give you information about what is happening. Hopefully, with that emotion we turn to God and ask His opinion on how to respond. If you are angry, turn to God with your anger. Turn to Him with your grief, your sadness, your joy, your wants, desires , hopes and dreams. In all things seek His answers and embrace them. Then and only then, the God of all peace will guide your minds and hearts. There are only two realities. One is light and in Him there is NO DARKNESS at all. The only other reality is darkness and the god of this age is in charge there. That darkness can appear to be goodness, acceptance of all etc. That is where those that pick and choose what they believe live. They think that they are full of love and acceptance but they may not consult God on His opinions. They decide. The natural result is division....should not be a surprise. Choose Peace. The End.