7 Extols Mariage Between «Christian» and Muslim

The love of Simona, a Roman “Christian”, and Mustapha, a Lebanese Muslim, goes “beyond any religious or cultural affiliation,” (June 26) professed.

The article is a shallow love-story by Antonella Palermo who stresses that Simona and Mustapha had “faith in the one God.” They got married in church "with different rites."

Mustapha's Muslim parents were “free” from the beginning. So, when at a Muslim funeral in Libanon, Simona spontaneously took out her Rosary and began to pray, this has remained for Mustapha’s Muslim grandmother a “happy memory.”

But Simonas family was “afraid of Muslims.” In the words of, “They were prisoners of stigmas handed down from generation to generation.”

Simona stresses that Mustapha “was more Catholic than I am!”. He attended for years an Ignatian group and accompanies Simona to Mass. [Does Pope Francis still forbid Muslims to receive Communion?]

I remember once Pope Francis said that the present European society can intermingle after the issue of immigration was raised to him.
Depressing to see a Catholic making such a mistake and a Catholic news agency praising it.
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Jim Dorchak
Why is this any more unique than a Pope who is NOT Catholic?
Hey it is wide open now. Anything is possible. What next a donkey?
As a Muslim, he is not bound to forsake other women, nor to lay his life down for her, nor is there any "death do us part" and if she annoys him, he can physically shut her up as long as he does not cause bruises. In short, I would say this marriage is invalid.
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Yes, a woman is a chattel to a Moslem man. Bergoglianism has wrought such destruction that a once Catholic news agency produces such bilge.
A stupid Simona