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Austria: Cathedral Chapter Defies Vatican

A scandal is shaking the Gurk-Klagenfurt diocese, Austria, and its former modernist Bishop Alois Schwarz, 66, whom Pope Francis promoted in May to the bigger diocese of Sankt Pölten.

For more than a decade, Schwarz who was Gurk Bishop from 2001 to 2018, was accused of having an affair with two women. He always denied.

After Schwarz' promotion to Sankt Pölten accusations against his person arose again. They regarded his administration, way of life, leadership, personnel policy, communication style, and diocesan finances.

Therefore, the chapter of Gurk cathedral commissioned a task force to produce a report. But its publication, due December 11, was forbidden by the Roman Congregation for Bishops.

Nevertheless, the chapter did not obey the Vatican and published the report on December 18.

Despite the manifold accusations against Schwarz, the report is almost exclusively focused on Andrea Enzinger, one of the two women in Schwarz's entourage whom he appointed in May 2016 as manager of the retreat house Stift Sankt Georgen without involving the relevant diocesan boards.

The report accuses Enzinger of total incompetence and mismanagement resulting in a big financial damage for the diocese.

During the report's presentation, Schwarz' modernist Vicar General, Father Engelbert Guggenberger, claimed that the bishop was totally dependant on Enzinger's whims. He announced that Schwarz will be confronted with recourse claims.

Guggenberger accused the Nuncio in Vienna and Vienna Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, the president of the Austrian Bishops' Conference, of having been aware of the problems but not acting.

The question remains why Guggenberger whom Schwarz named vicar general in 2008, continued for so long in his office despite not being able to resolve the problems.

Picture: Alois Schwarz, #newsEgnkbsoodj
A two woman FrancisBishop is a bit unexpected. Usually a FrancisFlunky isn't interested in women. Alois harmed his fmr diocese by putting one of his women in a managerial position. Francis promoted him while already a cause of scandal - an Austrian, non homo Bp Barros.