Francis Puts Christ And His Teaching Against Each Other

“Jesus Christ is a bond that is stronger and deeper than our cultures, our political options and even than our doctrines,” Francis rambled in a September 9 video message for an "ecumenical" project called “The community at the crossing” sponsored by the Episcopalians in New York.

Francis gives thanks to New York Cardinal Dolan and a certain Anglican “Bishop Dietsche”, a layman, for supporting the initiative.

“My heart rejoices when I think that the Catholic Archdiocese and the Episcopal Diocese of New York are working hand in hand,” he feigned.

Would New York Archdiocese have collaborated with PiusX, Francis would have gone up the walls.


Vineeth Prabhanandan shares this
When Francis speaks I don't listen because I value my faith
Tony M
Jorgy continues to play us....... with his smoke and mirrors word games!!!
la verdad prevalece
Bergoglio is an arch-apostate who maliciously uses the name of Jesus Christ to push his globalist anti-Catholic leftist agenda.
Nothing new and revealing but great intellectual traditional Churchmen are still perplexed about what to do with him... 😂
Francis is no vicar of Christ; German bishops wolves in sheep's clothing, no successors of the apostles.