Hungary’s Deputy Prime Minister: Francis Was VERY Happy

During the 40-minute exchange with the Hungarian leadership on Sunday, Hungary’s Deputy Prime Minster Zsolt Semjén informed Francis that Hungary is under attack from the EU for its measures to protect the family by containing homosex propaganda.

Francis answered "that the family is the father, the mother, the child, and full stop," Semjén told Kossuth Radio. He is a Catholic with a higher theological education than Francis as he holds a doctorate in religious studies. Francis never completed his doctorate.

The politician said that Francis "was very happy that the number of abortions has decreased, and the number of marriages has increased” due to government programs. During the meeting, Prime Minister Orbán admonished Francis not “to let Christian Hungary be lost.”


Look at all those Covid masks! Compare that to: 14 September 2021, Pope Francis meeting with young people in Košice.