Burke's Successor Mandates Masks At Mass

Pro-Homosex Saint Louis Archbishop Mitchell Rozanski, Missouri, has ruled that all faithful must wear masks in church regardless of local health directives.

Priests are not required to wear masks, but must put them on when distributing Communion. They are strongly encouraged to wear masks throughout Mass when social distancing from [unnecessary] concelebrants is not possible. Altar servers must wear masks.

The faithful are allowed to remove masks briefly to receive Communion.

Rozanski was appointed in June 2020. He succeeded Archbishops Robert Carlson who had followed Archbishop Raymond Burke. Carlson was largely incompetent and set himself up to "de-Burkise" the seminary and the archdiocese.

Picture: Vatican Media, #newsYokavdbsrv

P. O'B
I attended a wedding in his cathedral last July without a mask. Hahaha!
What canonical right does he have to require masks at Church..or any other bishop, for that matter? He doesn't!
...but not, it seems, while meeting Da Supreme Pontiff. Gotta love the stupidity of an unmasked priest and a masked laity. Hoo boy...
The Springfield Diocese that A.B. Rozanski came from. has not one priest being ordained there thanks to that man.
We feel so bad for Catholics in St. Louis.
Now per this article A.B. Rozanski puts more weapons in the hands of those who hate The Church.
God help those poor Catholics in St. Louis.
Our Lady of Good Successes of The Purification pray for us. Amen