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suicidal Way Not Suicide
German bishops will follow the lead of other faux-Caholic schismatics.: keep claiming they're part of the Church while doing whatever they please.
atreverse pensar
You cannot be a friend of God and the world.
That is a suicidal path.
He does not want to confront Bergoglio, and this is what happens.
Live Mike
"Opus Dei is the brain of the Second Vatican Council" - Father Gregory Hesse, S.T.D., J.C.D.
Cassandra Laments
Wow, I didn't know he'd said that. Any doubts I had about not knowing enough about Opus Dei to judge it have just evaporated, so thanks for your post.
Live Mike
"Opus Dei is the heart and brain of the Conciliar Church in reality" verbatim quote