The cornerstone argument of the otherside is: "born this way"

Blessing same-sex couples: do not rob us of hope!

How can we not feel anger, dismay and revolt at this new violence against homosexuals and their families? (Photo by LEV DOLGACHOV/SYDA PRODUCTIONS - …
Notice how a document upholding a traditional teaching is deliberately mislabelled as "a new violence against homosexuality." Again, the left conflates words with actions for their own purposes. No one discusses the LGBT agenda as a violence against heterosexuality, do they?
God is too much offended already ,so repent ,repent repent
George Obregon
There is no gay gene; only mental disorders.
/Anthropologists, pay attention.
Most man are "born" with polyamorie and would love to have several women - and inclination to several other sins.
Or this.
George Obregon
You are so right!
/Those inclinations are the result of man's concupiscence...
The answer is: God made nobody gay.