Most of the Abuse Crimes Are Homosexual Acts – Cardinal Burke

For centuries the Church has had in place a discipline against clerical abuses and it needs to be applied, Cardinal Raymond Burke said to (November 23).

Indirectly referring to Pope Francis, the Cardinal said that “now they come with all kinds of theories, that it’s clericalism that causes priests to abuse children”.

But Burke underlines that it is “lust”. He especially points out that "most of these sinful acts are homosexual acts.”

Is it not grave scandal to approve, or even to tolerate same sex acts, or other promiscuity;
Isn't leading sinners to repentance a necessary condition of mercy? Isn't silence consent!
De Profundis
Father Thomas Weinandy, a former executive director of the USCCB’s Secretariat for Doctrine, told LifeSiteNews that it will become clear "'how serious' the Holy Father is about tackling the problem if the February meeting addresses 'the issue of active homosexuality among the clergy and bishops."