Francis Is "Misleading His Flock"

Phil Lawler, the editor of Catholic World News, has published a book on Francis’ Papacy entitled „Lost Shepherd. How Pope Francis is Misleading His Flock“.

Lawler writes that the former Buenos Aires cardinal was known for using low language and of being more denouncing than encouraging. As a pope, Francis selects his staff “on the basis of personal loyalty rather than theological acumen or pastoral performance”, writes Lawler.

According to Lawler, Francis attempts to overthrow the Catholic teaching on marriage by being deliberately secretive about this goal.

Lawler shows that a “Francis revival” exists only in the media. In 2013 about 40,000 people attended his weekly audiences in St Peter’s Square, now they are fewer than 15,000. He points out that the worldwide number of seminarians was increasing until 2012 and is declining since Bergoglio was elected pope.

The shepherd who invites wolves to devour sheep.
Misleading them right into hell
confusion ,relativism, secretive , punishment for those that are not loyal to the pope ,is this christian ,??is this from God ???
I guess we should pray harder for pope Francis. Scary times.