All Fake: Francis Headed For The Next Flop

Francis will likely be in Canada on July 24-30 to “apologise” to local Indians. This “apology” will be utterly fake because a fake narrative was …
Like-minded Rulers meet.
Dom dom dom om niet je rechten te verdedigen.
la verdad prevalece
A pantomime organized by the enemies of the Church with the complicity of Mr. Jorge Bergoglio. He loves being the puppet that the enemies of the Church use to attack, subvert, and challenge the one true God.
Can the pope ask the PM Trudeau for the end of the covid mandates
Jeffrey Ade
That is funny!
Louis IX
Did no one tell him the mass grave story was a hoax?
He knows. As everybody.
Good job he's double, triple, quadruple jabbed with the biproducts of abortion. Justin WEF Trudeau will be pleased.