Francis’ Youth Synod Compromised Before It Starts

The leadership of the Catholic French Scouts d’Europe has publically expressed its incomprehension when they discovered whom the French Bishops will send to Rome in March for the Pre-Synod on the Youth.

All three delegates belong to ecclesiastical movements who fight Catholic doctrine and promote abortion.

The Scouts d’Europa in France have over 30’000 members. They are the biggest and most dynamic group of young Catholics and one of the few sources of vocations in France.

Picture: © Lawrence OP, CC BY-NC-ND, #newsFbewunzycy
I am very interested to know about this group that must be related to the U.S.A. Boy Scouts of America. We are having our struggles with the culture pressing in. My sons have remained involved because they are permitted to have a Catholic troop. That could change "tomorrow"!