Francis: It Is Not A Sin To Criticize The Pope

The Italian bishops should discuss about their concerns like priest shortage or the merger of dioceses “freely”, said Pope Francis talking to the Italian bishops at the Vatican.

According to (May 22), Francis added that there should be no fear of giving offense.

And, “It is not a sin to criticize the Pope here. It is not a sin, it can be done.”

Francis has said similar things in the past but is known to be vindictive against those he perceives has his critics.

Francis:"It Is Not A Sin To Criticize The Pope"

Not in your case, I totally agree!
Gesù è con noi
👍 Buen punto @Ccsdawson ✍️ el Padre Minutella fue doblemente excomulgado por criticar al DICTADOR Jorge Mario Bergoglio. 🤨…/don-minutella-h…
Ivan Tomas
Give me a break! That " criticize me" gibber-gabber is nothing else than a peronist way to let some of the ordinary people to say what he already wants to do - the womanized priests!!! So that he have again a cheap excuse like "See people wants that".
It has become disgusting!
Ivan Tomas
@Ccsdawson Is father Minutella really excommunicated!? Is that happened and when?
We should ask Father Minutella in Italy, excommunicated twice, because of this.