Normand Thomas

36. United in God

Jesus tells us:
“The Father and I are one.” John, chapter 10, verse 30

And since God is one, he wants us to unite in his Kingdom. God wants us to unite in him, every one of us, without exception.

May we continue to step forward with Jesus in our lives, in our heart, even if we have the illusion that nothing is happening, and may we be transformed from day to day in Jesus’s manner, with Jesus, for Jesus, for the world and for our salvation.

Let’s continue to go to faith gatherings and share the Word of God in the Bible with others. Let’s walk with Jesus. The small steps that we’ll achieve will lead us one day, perhaps in a few years to discover the improved person we’ve become.

Jesus will rejoice to see each small step we’re taking, like with our parents the day when, very unsettled and unsure of ourselves, we walked toward them with outstretched hands.

If our parents had not allowed us to take these steps, maybe we wouldn’t walk today. They even left us fall with love, to the ground, so that we progress in walking toward them. If our parents had not taught us to speak, and it has taken time to learn, we would not be talking. And yet today we’re still learning our language.

So it’s necessary to rejoice being in places of worship, just to be there even if we don’t seem to bring a lot to the group. Or even by thinking we’re not receiving much out of the group. The important thing is to be there. Jesus is there. Let’s be reassured, we are moving at high speed, like the plane stabilized “on” air at 800 kilometres or more per hour. Even if the landscape seems at a stand still.
The new American Bible, 2011-2014
Book: A path to conversion, Normand Thomas