278. Our remoteness

Catholics do not always realize this, but the removal of people from the Church and all the invalid reasons that result from it causes a distance from God. And getting away from God can open the door to more wickedness, more suffering, more harm, more loneliness and sadness. Our remoteness also gives reasons to others to not follow Jesus.

Often, we hear people say, “but these people believe and help others!” Certainly, they are already doing well. But they lack a vital part of faith; the Word and the Eucharist.

A good person is a good person. A canoe is a canoe.
A good person who prays is a good person who prays. A ship is a ship.
A good person who prays and receives the Word and the Eucharist is a good person who prays and receives the Word and the Eucharist. A Church is a Church.

We live on reserves of Love when we stay away from prayer, the Word and Eucharist. A car that runs on low fuel will be driven to a total stop and stay put if we don’t go to a gas station to fill the tank. The car will stop where it stops. Then, the elements of nature will cease the car and it won’t roll anymore. It just might become good for scrap.

People who say they believe they do practise, but those who do not celebrate and do not revive in their Church, their reserves are emptying, their strength is dwindling. They risk freezing and no longer being able to return to Church. They are staying away from God.

The only way we can fill our reserves of Love is by receiving the Word and the Eucharist. It is also an opportunity to give the offering of our life to God and to thank him for all that he offers us with justice. All that is of God is just (justice) for us.

Let’s also learn to reconcile with our neighbour. For christians, to reconcile with our neighbour is also to invite him once more to walk with us in faith.

Let’s place our life on the Altar where the offerings of bread and wine become the Body and Blood of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Let’s become more and more transformed in God’s life, the Eucharist in us, through the Word. And ask Jesus to touch the generous hearts of people outside the walls of the Church and especially to reach them so they may rediscover the Eucharist and the Word.

The new American Bible, 2011-2014
Book: Let’s love God, Normand Thomas