Needs Your Help - An Urgent Appeal
J G Tasan
J G Tasan
Pity St. Pius X… he must be broke! 🥴 🤐
"Listen to me, Traditionalists, your carnival is over" *laughs in dutiful and suitably submissive FSSP* Yes yer Holiness. You tell 'em.
Jan Joseph
Het kan nog gekker dan bij kardinaal Marx, maar dan moet je paus Franciscus heten.
Louis IX
Salliperson, yes, when you assist at Mass you can offer the Mass for your own sanctification. We all need to do this since we are all sinners.
@Seer3 Can one offer himself a mass? If so I didn’t know that.
Yes, you can offer the Mass for your intentions but this is not the same as celebrating the Mass which only the priest can do
St. Anselm wrote, “A single Mass offered for oneself during life may be worth more than a thousand celebrated for the same intention after death.”
(Don't wait for death. The world is too broken to wait)