Urgent Intervention: Francis on His Way to Hospital?

Francis may have to undergo an urgent surgical intervention due to acute sciatica pain in his leg, writes (January 28).

The operation is considered to be relatively simple. Francis has periodically suffered from sciatica for several years. On the advice of his doctor, he underwent massages and injections to soothe the pain.

Sciatica surgery is considered when leg pain is persistent even after non-surgical treatments. It consists in creating more room for the nerves which cause the pain.

Picture: © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsVdranegrfm

Dr Bobus
I am very familiar with sciatica from tennis on hard courts. Friends have also had it It can be managed by stretching and acu-pressure/puncture.

Francis doesn't seem to be familiar with exercise.
A new spine is in order. Also a tidying up of the mental department. A quick extraction of his warped Vll implant should not be too painful.
Cuthbert Mayne
The operation might be considered relatively simple .... ha ha..hilarious ‘I hope that’s not a spinal neuro surgeon’s opinion’ (perhaps a spinal orthopaedic surgeon might think so)

Anyway all I can say is:

Santo Subito