Maybe he was singing “From the river to the sea” quietly in his head? Morally bankrupt, cowardly, two tiered, political police force
Live Mike
@English Catholic they act more like parking metre attendants, than cops, lol.
English Catholic
@philosopher I've haven't looked at the video closely, and couldn't be bothered to, but they probably aren't cops. They are probably what are called 'Police Community Support Officers' (PCSO's) i.e. 'fake cops' and are worse than useless - trust me, I have had first-hand experience.
English Catholic
@Louis IX Yes - their very good pension, compared to the average person: The benefits of your police pension scheme (accessible version)
English Catholic
The police in this country are mindless moronic automatons. Did you notice the male PC even had to read the questions from a pre-prepared script. Pathetic.
StGMaj red
why did he answer questions?
Louis IX
The cops look like a couple of grammar school teachers waiting on their pension. 😂