Definition of a Liar: "What Was False Yesterday Can Be True Today" - Presiding Bishop

It is human nature to seek continuity but the shortest definition of religion is "interruption".

This nonsense was uttered by presiding Bishop Georg Bätzing of Limburg in a September 27 sermon to the German Bishops' Conference. Strangely, no one laughed. At the same time, he knocked Ratzinger's hermeneutics of continuity into the dustbin. According to Thomas Aquinas, religion consists in giving God the worship that is due to him, the source of all being.

For the confused bishop, "all-too-certainly asserted continuities, i.e. seamless connections along the lines of: that has always been so; that has always been believed so - what was wrong yesterday can't be right today - are frankly suspect."

The day before, Bätzing told the bishops about the Synodal Way: "Reform[ation]s must not stop at [Church] doctrine.".

Bätzing sees a "zeitgeist that must be fought" in step with the oligarchs and billionaires only in the alleged "shift to the right" in Italy.

Picture: Georg Bätzing © Pressefotos Synodaler Weg/Maximilian von Lachner, #newsOqfhzxmblr

P. O'B
Chesterton said, "The only sin is to call green grass grey." Certainly he meant a metaphysical sin, denying the reality right before our eyes, deliberately. In a way his statement applies to any sin -- we pretend we are right, trying to fool ourselves. No need to listen to goofy Bishop Bätzing.
Kenjiro M. Yoshimori
The Germans are all heretics. The new Pope should, first thing, sack them all....especially this guy, and Cardinal Marx. The few who remained faithful, he should reward.
All this German B.S. from Batzing and Marx is geared to allowing homosexuality/homosexual blessings. And Francis until now stands condemned for not stopping it.