The present ridiculous situation is intolerable. JP2 was very explicit that popes could not resign - then, lo and behold, his immediate successor does precisely that. Such self-contradiction makes the papacy laughable.
Fr Dan
This has caused a huge confusion among the faith. If a pope clearly resigns the papacy, not in part, but in whole, they should be known as Cardinal.
P. O'B
Don't you think he should be called simply "Bishop"? But I agree, there has been great confusion. And I blame Ratzinger -- he should have found a black cassock somewhere (!), left Rome for a monastery, and never said a word. But then again, I also think he was forced out...and maybe still is the Holy Father, if not much of one.
Actually A Catholic

And I anticipate the Bergoglio will only make the situation worse with whatever he is cooking up.
I think a retired pope - if there has to be such a thing - should be a simple priest. No honours, nothing. Merely what he is.
I'm disinclined to think he would want to take an opener to that can of worms😂.
atreverse pensar
It may be because he is also preparing his resignation.
Sp . .
Why have a Pope, when you can have a Papal President with rigged elections?