"You Can Make Babies": The Oligarchs Roar with Rage

Pro-family posters of unknown origin keep appearing overnight again and again in Waterford, Ireland, since the beginning of this week.

The posters are A4-sized, printed in good quality, and show a married couple and the text, “Straight Pride.” The caption reads: “It's natural, it's worked for thousands of years, and you can make babies.”

The oligarchs' newspapers, in cosy association with homosex activists, cry foul against the common-sense campaign, complaining that the posters are “all around the town.”

The homosex flag that was hissed on Waterford's City Hall was burned last weekend. When the flag was replaced, it too was burned.


Isn't it ironic how the promoters of "pride" for one "orientation" get so angry when others also have pride for their own orientation?
its a spiritual warfare ,make sure you are fighting for the right side ,.Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ
Louis IX
Now this is a feel good story. Keep it up Waterford.