Francis Hides Modernist Tyranny Behind Fig Leave of "Synodality"

Edward Pentin published on Twitter (October 25) information about a draft of the Youth Synod’s final document contents. The 173 paragraphs were handed out confidentially on Monday and will be voted on next Saturday.

According to Pentin, the draft’s third part is dominated by the mantra “synodality” although this is not connected to the Synod’s theme and discussions. Further "synodality" is not the style of Pope Francis' absolutistic Church government which uses "synodality" only as a pretext.

Nevertheless, Pentin’s sources claim that Francis plans to impose "synodality" as a "new model of the Church" (i.e. permanent revolution).

The draft contains headings like “Synodality - Missionary Synodality in the Church” or “Synodality in Our Daily Relationships”.

Picture: © Mazur/catholicnews.org.uk, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsYiinexrgtw
Here you see the real Francis.
Dr Bobus
These are actions by people who think there is no Truth--only power.
Coming soon to the Church the new orders The Sodomites & The Sodomettes for LGBT ONLY!
Lisi Sterndorfer
According to Damian Thompson, Cardinal Nichols has spoken against Anglican-style synodality today. And Thompson: "There’s some wretched plan to turn us into the Anglican Communion."
A move toward ecclesial nationalism, with Germany’s bishops blessing acts that Polish bishops condemn.
See how the knaves, play us for fool.
Sin they promote, with syn as their tool.