Cardinal Zen Supports Random China Bashing, Praises French Revolution

Cardinal Joseph Zen praised on his blog (May 6) the anti-Chinese coronavirus statements of Yangon Cardinal Charles Maung Bo, Myanmar.

Bo considers the Chinese Communist Party as the primary responsible for the Coronavirus crisis and its origins but presents little evidence.

Zen expresses his surprise about Bo’s “courage” and is happy about the “very positive” report about Bo in [anti-Catholic] The Tablet.

He opposes Michel Chambon (, April 20) who didn't buy into Carinal Bo's theories but rather underlined that “Western Governments are also responsible.”

Referring to the title of Chambon's article “Cardinal Bo spits in China’s face,” Zen writes, "Here comes the astonishing statement in Chambon’s article: ‘Insulting the China regime is also spitting in the face of the nation which supports it’."

Zen doesn't spare Chambon, "Anybody with a little knowledge of China would laugh at it and consider the time wasted in reading this ‘theologian’ and ‘anthropologist studying the Church in China’.”

The Cardinal concludes with a strange statement, “With people like Michel Chambon there would never have been a [satanic] French Revolution.”

However, before blaming anyone for the Coronavirus, it is necessary to assess whether the world has been facing a true pandemic and whether the lockdown did more good than harm.
French Revolution was a Masonic inspired anti Catholic revolution not sure what the Cardinal is saying here? VII was also a Masonic inspired revolution but a complete inside job. Where is the new spring promised by VII? “The Council of Pope Francis: The New Spring of the Church.” What was right became wrong and what was wrong became right” Our Lady of Fatima a diabolical disorientation.
How the West reacted to Coronavirus has no bearing on where it was manufactured or the politically motivated desires of many to excuse that.