Cardinal Marx Is Inserting “A Lie” – Archbishop Chaput

Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput has criticised Munich Cardinal Marx and his allies who intend to “allow” Protestant Communion.

Chaput writes on (May 23) that it is “a lie” to “insert a falsehood into the most solemn moment of one’s encounter with Jesus in the Eucharist”.

Protestant Communion says "‘I am in communion with this community,’ when one is demonstrably not in communion with that community.”

Chaput argues in six points against Protestant Communion,

1. Changing the conditions of receiving Communion redefines who and what the Church is.

2. Protestant Communion leads to Communion for all non-Catholics.

3. Protestant Communion adopts the Protestant notion that it is sufficient to be baptised and believe in Christ – without believing in Holy Orders.

4. Protestant Communion implies that Protestants presumably do not need to go to confession as a preparation for receiving Communion.

5. If the Church's teaching can be ignored in this case then any teaching can be re-negotiated.

6. Protestant Communion misleads the faithful because the differences between the Church and the Protestants are concealed.

Picture: Charles Chaput, ©, CC BY-SA, #newsGamikqbwkt
GJA Taylor
The Church is in schism and the German "prelates" are leading the way (with the arrogance of their fabulous wealth) to try to force vomit into peoples mouths. Won't work though. There is a natural reaction to that kind of garbage.
"You will never attract the young by making Christianity easy, but a good many can be attracted by finding it difficult" T.S. Elliot