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We all know the big upload-pages who bind you to what they consider "political correct." For them, the Church is "politically suspect." On their pages, Catholics are only a despised appendix, existing there at the mercy of the Lords of this World.

Unlike the Silicon Valley censure products, is a place run by Catholics for Catholics. We implement all great technical ideas. is necessary, because Catholics who are truly Catholic, will not put themselves under the control of this world. not only offers a huge amount of Catholic content and information. It also empowers Catholics to speak freely and to connect with Catholic fellows around the globe.

We have become a worldwide community of faithful Catholics. It is YOUR contribution which builds this network full of faith, warmth, humour, wittiness, intelligent criticism, and sometimes even silliness.

Thank YOU for your prayers, your big heart, your love to the Church. tries hard to nourish your courage, joy and hope. Together we maintain does not bother you with adds, which also would jeopardise our independence. Therefore, please consider supporting us with a generous donation.

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God decides this, Most Catholics have abandoned Him since 1960’s we deserve not to have a church...